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Expert Witness Inspection Service

If you are fighting with your builder or contractor or a Real Estate Agent involved in a real estate transaction gone bad, a lawsuit may be the only way to resolve your differences. Legal claims and costly litigation often follows component and system failures.  Wilkerson & Company provides expert witness services. That means you get an expert witness who is knowledgeable, credible and fully acquainted with the legal process. When the need arises for clear, compelling, admissible trial exhibits, we utilize the most advanced video editing and technology to provide the best presentation in support of our testimony. Being effective under oath requires a combination of sophisticated theoretical knowledge and a real world understanding of which construction techniques are widely used, unusual but acceptable or somehow questionable. You get the benefit of a credentialed professional with many years of dedicated knowledge in construction techniques and home inspection.

Expert Witness Inspection Includes:
  • Thoroughly inspect the component in question or subject property.
  • Take color pictures, video clips, forensic samples
  • Research various public records, codes, etc.
  • A comprehensive written report is prepared with digital photos
  • Communicate findings in support of your position to other parties
  • If required, appear for depositions or testify on your behalf.

An important benefit of obtained by using our service and experience is that you receive a focused comprehensive report. The report centers on the issues that will make a difference in your case or claim. That means you spend less time wading through insignificant technical detail. The outcome is self-assurance, integrity and a testimony that is based on extensive knowledge of actual industry practices. To order your Expert Witness Inspection you can contact us by phone at 757.739.8838, online at contact us or via e-mail. Once your request has been submitted to Wilkerson & Company Inspection Services, we will schedule an information session within 24 hours excluding Sundays. Our hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.